Key Literature

The documents below provide citations and abstracts of key literature for several common pheasant management concerns.  By necessity the lists are not comprehensive, but provide a good starting point for understanding the foundational research upon which modern pheasant management is based.  Some papers are included to help provide a historical sense of where pheasant management has been and what it has evolved toward.  The documents will be reviewed and updated periodically to insure they reflect the National Wild Pheasant Technical Committee's definition of key literature.

Additionally, information about ongoing or recently finished pheasant research is provided here.

Primary monographs and symposia
Key state and provincial technical bulletins
Large-scale historical perspectives
Farm Bill-related habitat effects
Agricultural practice effects
Landscape effects
Roadside management
Winter cover
Nesting cover
Brood-rearing cover
Male territory cover
General demographics
Hunting and harvest-related effects
Predator effects and control
Weather effects
Genetics and physiology
Population monitoring and other methods
Interactions with other species
Translocation of wild birds
Uses of pen-raised pheasants